You’re broken, but beloved

From Ann Voskamp’s, The Broken Way:

“He looks like Jesus kneeling down in front of a woman caught in adultery, and it comes like a slow grace, how Jesus handled her critics: He deeply unsettled the comfortable and deeply comforted the unsettled.  The woman grabbed by the Pharisees was given what I myself desperately need.  Before all the pointing fingers, Jesus looked up at the wounded and rewrote her fate: ‘You’re guilty, but not condemned.  You’re busted up, but believed in. You’re broken, but beloved.’

Whatever you’re caught in, I make you free.  Whatever you’re accused of, I hand you pardon.  Whatever you’re judged of, I give you release.  Whatever binds you, I have broken.  All sin and shame and guilt and lack I have made into beauty and abundance.

Who get over a love like this?  In the midst of trials, Jesus guarantees the best trial outcome: you’re guilty, but you get no condemnation.  No condemnation for failing everyone, no condemnation for not doing everything, no condemnation for messing up every day.  Who gets over a release like this?

You are Mine and I am yours, and all I have is yours and all you have is Mine.  I marry you to the mystery of whole perfection, and I carry all your brokenness to divorce you from all despair.”

What are your thoughts?

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