9 thoughts on “The stigma of depression

  1. Thank Sr. Dorcee, I needed to read your precious words this morning. I will keep them in my heart 💜 as I go take on today. Thanks again for sharing


    “To give and not to count the cost.”


  2. Sr. Dorcee, I now think you are a very courageous woman and I applaud you for openly sharing this. I am sure it will make a difference and be a source of encouragement to many, many people who have a mental health issue or have a loved one who is affected. God bless you.

  3. Thank you Sr. Dorcee. I always hide my depression behind my smiles. It is so comforting to know that someone else understands that emotional pain can be more excruciating than physical pain. Thank you.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful article, Sr. Dorcee! Thank you so much for sharing and by doing so, for including so many others in your gentle words. Love, Mary

  5. Sr. Dorcee, thank you for sharing this. I have had chronic depression since childhood. it is indeed a very painful struggle. i was on 2 antidepressants for over 25 years. They helped wonderfully for many years but I got off of them about a year and a half ago since they stopped working as well. That was a difficult transition but I found a type of psychotherapy called EMDR that has been very healing for me. Also some nutritional things have helped. I am doing quite well now and feel better than I ever have! Please contact me if you want to know more. God bless you!

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