A very good friend of mine just died.  She knew she was dying, and, as her spiritual director, we had many frank talks about death.  Her biggest question–one I think is all of ours–was “What will it be like?”  Another friend of mine tackles the same question here.  And, frankly, we both give the same answer.

Lord, you know that dying is not something I’m looking forward to.  You know my thoughts, so you know that I don’t spend much time even thinking about it.  But it’s impossible to mark your death and resurrection without thinking about the fact that I, too, am going to die.

Frankly, celebrating your resurrection doesn’t make death less dreadful.  Nor does thinking about my sharing in your resurrection.  Today, I know; this world, I know.  The resurrection–that’s something I don’t know.  I feel very rooted here.  being pulled up by the roots, well, it’s not a pleasant expectation.

Yet I do know that when the moment of being torn from this world comes, I will not be alone.  You will show me theplant-hand path to life.  No, you will be the path to life.  You’ve already made the journey form this world through death into risen life.  When it’s time for me to make the journey, you’lb be there to bring me from this life into life with you forever.  I still don’t look forward to being wrenched form this world.  And yet, Lord, “my heart is glad” (Ps 16.9)

(Kevin Perrotta)