Prayer to God the Holy Spirit (1)

Come, true light,
Come, eternal life,
Come, secret of hiddenness.
Come, delight that has no name.
Come, unutterableness.
Come, O presence, forever fleeing from human nature.
Come, everlasting jubilee.
Come, light without end.
Come, awaited by all who are in want.
Come, resurrection of the dead.
Come, mighty one, forever creating, recreating, and renewing with a mere wave of Thy hand.
Come, Thou who remainest wholly invisible, for none ever to grasp or to caress.
Come, Thou who flowest in the river of hours,
yet immovably stayest above it,
who dwellest above all heavens,
yet bendest to us who are bowed down.

~Symeon the New Theologian

to be continued . . .

The Little Black Sheep

A wonderful poem by Paul Lawrence Dunbar (best read aloud . . .):

     The Little Black Sheep

Po’ lil’ brack sheep dat strayed away,
     Done los’ in de win’ an’ de rain–
An’ de Shepherd He say, “O, hirelin’,
     Go fin’ my sheep again.”
An’ de hirelin’ say, “O, Shepherd,
     Dat sheep am brack an’ bad.”
But de Shepherd He smile, like dat lil’ brack sheep
     Wuz de onliest lamb He had.

An’ de Shepherd go out in de darkness
     Where de night wuz col’ and’ bleak,
An’ dat lil’ brack sheep, He fin’ it
     An’ lay it agains’ His cheek.
An’ de hirelin frown, “O, Shepherd,
     Don’ bring dat sheep to me!”
But de Shepherd He smile, an’ He hol’ it close.
     An’–dat lil’ brack sheep–wuz–me!