Those whom He Himself wanted

Jesus calls each of us because He loves us.

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Today is the anniversary of my final vows to our community, The Servants of God’s Love.  This morning before Mass I picked up a book I am reading–for the second or third time–Mercy in Weakness, by Andre Louf.  This is what I read: “Jesus called to him those whom he himself wanted” (Mk 3:13).  Of course, this refers to Jesus’ calling of the twelve apostles, but isn’t it just as true for us, each of us–for, yes, He called me to religious life, but it is just as true that He called you to whatever you said yes to in your own lives.  The RSV says: “those whom he desired”.  Think about that today: God called you, and me, out of desire for you.

A person was simply selected because Jesus preferred him, without any further motives.  Jesus chooses the rich and the poor, Jewish nationalists and collaborators, ordinary people and fishermen.  At the moment of selection what matters is not what these people are.  He simply prefers them because he loves them, each one individually.  Nothing other than Jesus’ love and preference explains this selection.

Calling of St. Peter and St. Andrew (James Tissot)
Calling of St. Peter and St. Andrew (James Tissot)

He prefers you because He loves you, short and simple.  And not just when He called you.  Even now.

3 thoughts on “Those whom He Himself wanted

  1. Yes, He called you, Dorcee – so beloved to Him, and you have given Him all that you are. You do it today on this anniversary, and I know, because of all the yesterdays, that you will do the same tomorrow; for He has ravished your heart.

  2. Congratulations, dear friend! Your, “YES “to God so many years ago was important and wonderful. Your continued YES every day since, in joy when it is easy and in pain when it is oh so hard to understand is what is an inspiration to so many today. May your “Yes” today, tomorrow and always be embraced by His abundant love!

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