Invitatory for a Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday one of our sisters, Sr. Katie, made her Final Profession of Vows.  It was a wonderful day for all of us.  Today another sister, Sr. Christina, is celebrating her first anniversary of Final Vows, and tomorrow on one of our major feasts, the Triumph of the Cross, three other sisters are celebrating anniversaries.  This poem, by Mother Mary Francis, seems so appropriate:

Invitatory for a Wedding Anniversary

“We recount your marvelous deeds” (Psalm 75)

Come, let us marvel at God confecting dawn
Out of a pastelled fluff of fancy, then
Unbfolding night from velvet bolt of mystery, arranging
Moons halved, then quartered, then plumped full
To serve our recreation.

          But marvel more that He has brided me.

Here is tall marvel: twirled by hand Divine
All birds’ propellers dancing circled grace
Down boulevarded space and all trees waving
For such performance, fans of jubilation.
Sun stoked and skies spread and clouds lit
With virgin light or pregnant with the rain
Are marvels that demand high recounting.

          But marvel more that He has brided me.

Come, let us kneel before th Lord devising
Day from the night and marshalling the stars,
Flattering peaches pink, and then gone off surprising
Carrots to gold with glance Divine
And us to exaltation.

          But marvel more that He has brided me.

All the long aeons God has lightly laid
Across our history call: Marvel! and
We gladly tell it, call for cosmic chorus to proclaim it:
God great, God mighty, God beyond
Our power small to marvel.

          But marvel more that He has brided me. 


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