Quotes from Witnesses to Hope inaugural talk

It was wonderful to see so many of you last night at the first meeting of Witnesses to Hope.  As promised, you can find the recording of the talk under the tab above: “Talks/Witnesses to Hope”.  And here are some of the quotes from the talks.  Please, if any of you didn’t get to comment last night, feel free to leave one here.  We’d all love to hear from you! (Don’t worry if it doesn’t show up immediately–I have to approve any new contributors.) 

 The yes of Our Lady does not end on Good Friday with the Great Cry and the yielding of the spirit. . . . The faith and love of Our Lady last into Holy Saturday.  The dead body of the Son of God lies in the tomb, while His soul descends into Sheol, the Limbo of the Fathers.  Jesus goes down into the hideous kingdom of death to proclaim the power of the Cross and the coming victory of the Resurrection and to open Heaven’s gates to Adam and Eve and all the souls of the just. The Apostles, hopeless and forlorn, know none of this ‘as yet.’  St. John tells us, ‘they did not know the Scripture, that He must rise from the dead’ (Jn 20:9).  In all Israel, is there no faith in Jesus?  On this silent Saturday, this terrible Shabbat, while the Jews’ true Messiah sleeps the sleep of death, who burns the lights of hope?  Is there no loyal remnant?  There is, and its name is Mary.  In the fortitude of faith, she keeps the Sabbath candles alight for her Son.  That is why Saturday, the sacred day of her physical brethren, is Our Lady’s weekly festival.  On the first Holy Saturday, in the person of Mary of Nazareth, Israel now an unblemished bride, faces her hardest trial and through the fortitude of the Holy Spirit, is triumphant.  (Fr. John Saward, The Beauty of Holiness and the Holiness of Beauty, p. 142)

Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things, on the condition that you believer much more in his love for you than in your own weakness.  (Fr. Joseph Langford, Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire, p. 145)

How important can one small, unspectacular life be? Consider this: the good that each of us can accomplish even with limited resources and restricted reach, not even a Mother Teresa could achieve.  No one else on the planet, and no one else in history, possesses the same network of acquaintances and the same combination of talents and gifts as each one of us does—as you do. (ibid., p. 72)

Hope does not come from what I do, but from the awareness that there is Someone who loves me with this everlasting love, who calls me into being every instant, having pity on my nothingness. (Fr. Julian Carrón, quoted in Magnificat)

One thought on “Quotes from Witnesses to Hope inaugural talk

  1. Very inspiring talk last night and loved all the quotes about hope especially the one about Mary and the one from “Secret Fire.” Thanks for being a light and a lamp in the darkness and for keeping hope alive!

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