By pictures

I’m finding it hard to blog these days.  As I’ve already mentioned, my brother Tim’s anniversary is approaching and I’m working on a talk for Monday night’s Witnesses to Hope in which I’ll be talking about his death, so a lot is going on deep down–but not yet at the point where I can write about it.  (Saving it for the talk on Monday night.)  It’s time like these when I feel that poetry or photography or music say it better.  I’ve been listening a lot to the soundtrack from Thérèse, probably because it gives expression to both delight and sorrow.  Consequently today I’m just going to post some pictures of my brother, Tim.  (He was child #3, born two and a half years after me, and as you would probably guess, there were not many baby pictures of him!  Or pictures just by himself, although I found a few.)  So here goes:

Tim and me, the big sister . . .
I think this was one of my mom's favorites--she had written "Farmers in the corn" on the back.

The altar boy . . .
Lover of horses

Thank you for letting me share these with you . . .

2 thoughts on “By pictures

  1. Sr. Dorcee, My heart is crying out to the Lord for you. Thanks for sharing your heart and your sorrow. Love to you, Julie

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