5 thoughts on “Stripped

  1. Oh my this is so very true for me right now!!!!!!!!!
    Are you posting all these things for me?
    Although I have had pretty intense days, Witnesses to Hope is always a shining light to me.

    I got some little flashlights from Misericordia that crank up to regenerate the light. I have given them to my children and good friends with this story.

    When you are in the darkness you don’t really know if what is in the darkness is good or bad or both. God gives us His light to guide us and we can only see one or two steps at a time. It is for us to trust Him to guide us where He wants us to go and whether it is good or bad doesn’t really matter because He keeps us covered in His love and fills us with His peace if we only go one step and a time. Blessings to all, Kathleen

    1. Yes, I am posting just for you. 🙂 Thanks for your own post. I may quote you! Praying for you, dear friend, and holding you close.

  2. I thought you were posting this just for me! I love the amazing colors of autumn and hate to see them go; this explanation rings true.

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