On Corpus Christi, Before the Blessed Sacrament

On Corpus Christi, Before the Blessed Sacrament

You languish in the darkness like
a criminal imprisoned
a sick man quarantined
an eccentric, babbling uncle, hid away.

Are they so afraid of You?
Are we so ashamed of You?
This is Your pageant day!

Where are Your holy calvacades?
Your solemn ranks of soldiers
with their Captain at their head?
Your festal, fair processions
winding through the curious crowds
who marvel at the sacred spectacle?

In the quiet I hear the echoes
from the stones of ancient streets
crying out with praise to shame us
for our silence.
In the blackness I see faces
of a multitude of children
looking down the ages, wondering
to see so plain a feast.

For the glory due Your name,
how long, O Lord,
must You wait?

~Paul Thigpen

2 thoughts on “On Corpus Christi, Before the Blessed Sacrament

  1. I had to leave a comment after I saw the words “Your festal, fair processions, winding through the curious crowds, who marvel at the sacred spectacle?” because, praise be to God, that is exactly what I saw yesterday! I was with my husband and friends in downtown Orange, sitting in a resturaunt having just finished lunch, when we heard singing and bells and looked to see a procession of people passing by. I immediatly jumped up and went to the door to see what was happening just as The Blessed Sacrament was being processed, held high in a beautiful Monstrance covered by a canopy four people carried and incensed…I followed without hesitation as all processed to the center plaza knelt and prayed benidiction…as best I could remember since everyone was praying in Spanish. It was so beautiful.

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