Over the camels

I just discovered a new collection of Amy Carmichael writings that I had not known about.  (I hope none of you are groaning. 😉  My disclaimer is that I write most of these posts for myself . . .  I always experience such wonder at what she discovers in Scripture and such hope from her words.  Here’s the first of a series of three.  This one makes me smile.

1 Chronicles 27.30 Over the camels was Obil the Ishmaelite

Have you to try to help people who are rather like camels?  You want them to go one way, and they go another.  You try persuasion and they turn sulky.  It is difficult to be patient with an animal that never looks pleased.  It is very difficult to be patient with human camels.

But God knows all about you and your difficulties, and your name is not forgotten to Him.  He htought the name of a camel driver who lived three thousand years ago worth writing in His Book.  The names of thousands of great kings are buried and forgotten, but the name of David’s camel driver is remembered to this day: Over the camels was Obil.

Obil means “driver” or “leader.”  I expect he sometimes found leading better than driving, and so sometimes shall we.  God give His Obils patience to deal with their camels.


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