before I go (2)

More from Peter Kreeft:

69. Therapy for Fear

When you feel afraid, look at the very first thing you see, right there in front of you: some small thing like stone or a finger or a bug.  Look at it, don’t just think about looking at it. Really look.  Take time.  Take a whole minute.
And listen.  You might hear something in it or behind it whispering some big secret to your big secret mind, some secret of which it is one of the billions of messengers, the secret of a beauty bigger than the universe, of which everything is a tiny part, including this little thing right in front of you.
Now this thing you are afraid of, this, too, is a little thing.  And so are you.
God loves little things and takes care of them.  Sparrows, hairs from your head.
He is bigger.  He is stronger.

I love this one!

#81. Last Resort

Sometime the only possible solution to a problem that has you ont he verge of self-inflicted baldness or holes in teh wall is the following prescription:

1. ten deep breaths
2. a hot bath
3. one large glass of good wine
4. and a good night’s sleep

After patience, philosophy, and prayer all seem to fail, try listening to your body.

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