before I go (3)

And a little bit more from Peter Kreeft’s book, before I go:

97. The Burning I

Prayer is not only conversation, it is transformation.  It is not only light, it is fire.  And the closer you get to Him, the hotter the fire gets.  Words begin to melt.  The first word that melts in His presence is the word “I”.  That is His unique name.  The closer you get to Him, the harder it is to begin a sentence with “I”.  It melts in the fire of “thou.”

104. How to Be Wiser, Happier, and Better in Seven Minutes

If you’re not interested in these three products, don’t read this.  If you are in the market for them but skeptical about getting them in seven minutes, read on.

The answer is three words: count your blessings.  It’s so simple it’s embarrassing.

I mean this literally.  Just thank God for seven specific blessings.  Don’t ask Him for anything, just thank Him.

If you want a structure, here is one: tell God you are grateful for the following seven specific things.  (They can be small things; small things are best because we don’t usually notice them.)

  1. one specific, concrete thing in the world
  2. one specific, concrete thing in your life
  3. one specific event in the world
  4. one specific event in your life
  5. one specific person in the world
  6. one specific person in your life
  7. one attribute, aspect, or deed of God himself

Results guaranteed.

What are your thoughts?

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