More lost than merry

We woke up to this kind of beauty this morning:











Then I opened my Magnificat Advent Companion to the reading for today. God’s timing is always amazing:

Spiritual White Out

The weather report said blizzard, but we heard adventure.  A few days before Christmas, I headed down the shore with a friend, packing provisions and two golden retrievers in the SUV.  The drive was challenging, the roadway slick, and the snowfall heavy.  Within a half hour of our destination, we were driving in a white out.  We both peered between the windshield wipers trying to figure out our location.  The car’s GPS was no help, so I took out my iPad and hit an application to locate us.  Technology knew where we were, and a blue dot guided us the rest of the way.  While modern technology can guide us through weather storms, there are other storms that throw us off course.  Illness, relationship problems, and financial concerns are hardly adventures.  In those moments we can experience a kind of spiritual white out, uncertain where God is.  The birth of Jesus is not a sentimental story.  It is a radical promise that in sharing our life God knows exactly where we are.  It is in the blizzards of your life, not a manger, that Jesus is born again.  These days you may feel more lost than merry.  You might wish for a computer application to help you find the way.  Or you can believe that helping you find the way is the reason Jesus was born.  (Msgr. Gregory E.S. Malovetz)

What are your thoughts?

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