Greater tenderness

“The mystery of the Immaculate Conception allows us to understand how Mary is surrounded by the Father with greater tenderness and love than the love surrounding Eve before her sin.  Through this mercy, Mary is able to enter into a unique intimacy with the Father; she is the beloved little child, the smallest, the ‘Benjamin.’ Is one not tiny when enveloped in mercy?  Only mercy makes us small.”  (Fr. Marie-Dominique Philippe)

The wonder of God’s mercy is that this love which He has shown to Mary–his greater tenderness and love–is bequeathed to us as well through her as our Mother.  St. Thérèse confirms this: “O Jesus!  why can’t I tell all little souls how unspeakable is Your condescension?  I feel that if You found a soul weaker and littler than mine, which is impossible, You would be pleased to grant it still greater favors, provided it abandoned itself with total confidence to Your Infinite Mercy.”  And that is the key that Mary found: abandonment with total confidence to His Infinite Mercy.  Mary, sweet Mother, help us to do the same.

What are your thoughts?

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