Don’t just bump into Jesus

The Gospel reading for today tells the story of Christ healing the woman who had been hemorrhaging for twelve years.  Many people were bumping up against Him, but she alone reached out to Him in faith.  Dr. Mary Healy challenges each of us: “The afflicted woman in this episode is a model for approaching Jesus.  While crowd of people were bumping into him as he walked along, she touched him.  Her faith brought her into living contact with Jesus, and as a result she experienced a dramatic healing.  The difference between the crowds and the woman prompts the question: How often do we merely bump against Jesus—for instance, when we receive Him in the Eucharist?”

2 thoughts on “Don’t just bump into Jesus

  1. What a great post Sr Dorcee! It is true that I often bump against Jesus instead of seeking Him. Today at the Eucharist though, exhorted by the gospel, I reached out to Him for my own healing with the touch of His presence on my tongue. I trust in his mercy and goodness and know that He will heal according to His will.

  2. That is really good imagery – bumping or touching. I suspect the way we approach Jesus mirrors the way we approach life and others. Far too often I live a bumping into life rather than a life of touch, presence, and healing. Challenging words, Sr. Dorcee. Thank you.

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