You are unrepeatable

from Christoph Cardinal Schönborn’s We Have Found Mercy:

The Divine Mercy is a profound, total devotion that is committed, lasting, faithful, and quite personal for the one to whom it is addressed.  Nothing could be more foreign to it than a vague feeling of ‘goodwill’ toward the whole world.  The one on whom God bestows his mercy is intended, addressed and loved as an unrepeatable person.  Mercy does not turn the one to whom it is shown into an object but rather touches the person in his center, in his dignity.

Jesus is, so to speak, the incarnation of God’s Mercy.  In him, God cares, not about mankind as an abstract entity, but rather about every individual person.  He has shown me mercy.  Through Christ I become the recipient of God’s care, and, on the other hand, I am addressed personally.

What are your thoughts?

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