Bring him to me

from Amy Carmichael:

Mt 17.17 Then Jesus answered and said,  . . . “Bring him here to me.”

Have you a ‘him’ about whom you are anxious?  Bring him to Me.  Have you a ‘her’?  Bring her to Me.  We can even turn the pronoun to ‘it’–this crushing burden of the state of the world, the grief and misery that overwhelms us if we think at all–Bring it to Me.  We can turn the word to ‘all’–the problems of our work with its cares and its questions, and more personal cares and anxieties too–Bring all to Me.

And there are joys, too. Don’t let us bring only griefs and anxieties, but also thanks and praises.

Bring him to Me.

Bring her to Me.

Bring it to Me.

Bring all to Me.

2 thoughts on “Bring him to me

  1. Bringing the Schoen and Goings families to HIM..Chad Schoen,25,drowned while swimming with friends in Lake Fenton, 4th of July. He was my sons best friend and was to be the best man at his wedding next May. My son is overwhelmed with grieving this loss. Saturday 7/14, my daughter’s best friend from all of childhood, Jillian Goings,21,accidentally overdosed.
    walking my children through this overwhelming grief is a challenge. My prayer is all the friends and families will seek the Lord in this difficult time. and be drawn to His love. I don’t even know if Jillian was ever baptized in any faith…family does not attend any church..Please pray for God’s Mercy for these 2 young people and all their friends.They are yours,dear Jesus. I give them all to you.

    1. Oh, Ann, I am so sorry. What heart-breaking news. I, and all the Sisters, will hold them all in prayer in the Heart of Jesus. I will pray especially for you as you walk with your children through this. May God surround you all–especially your son and daughter–with His love and comfort.

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