Reality itself

A Sunday-poem about the way God wants to communicate Himself to us through everything He has created:


As the cataract of ignorance falls
from off the eyesight of my soul,
I realize that all this huge Creation
round about me is the Word.

The hitherto quite unattended fact
that these familiar fingers number ten,
like an encounter with some miracle,
suddenly astonishes me

and the newly-opened forsythia flowers
in one corner of the hedge beyond my window
entrance me utterly,
like seeing a model of Resurrection.

Smaller than a grain of sand
in the oceanic vastness of the cosmos,
I realize that this my muttering
by a mysterious grace of the Word,

is no imagined thing, no mere sign,
but Reality itself.

~ Ku Sang (1919-2004), Korean poet

What are your thoughts?

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