My heart is singing

A Sunday-poem from Amy Carmichael:

Too High for Me

I have no word,
But neither hath the bird,
And it is heard;
My heart is singing, singing all day long,
In quiet joy to Thee who art my Song.

For as Thy majesty,
So is Thy mercy,
So is Thy mercy,
My Lord and my God.

How intimate
Thy ways with those who wait
About Thy gate:
But who could show the fashion of such ways
In human words, and hymn them to Thy praise?

Too high for me,
Far shining mystery,
Too high to see;
But not too high to know, though out of reach
Of words to sing its gladness into speech.

3 thoughts on “My heart is singing

  1. We shouldn’t ignore him
    We should be glad God doesn’t give us everything we ask for.he loves us all he doesnt discriminate,we are the once who discriminate,we choose to mimic Satan’s deeds ignoring to bring it in our minds that the one who made us is the one who is above us , him is God the lord of heavens and earth,Amen

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