True Christian love (1)

I’m reblogging from Wonder and Beauty for the next couple of days . . .

Wonder and Beauty

I’m sure we would all agree that true Christian love is the most beautiful and wonderful thing to be seen.  I would like to post a few excerpts (in the next few posts) from The Midnight Bride by Richard Wurmbrand which illustrate this so well.

Some of you may find this unbelievable.  I would, except that I had a taste of this love in a much smaller way a number of years ago.  I was teaching sixth grade at the time, and one of my students had a detention again (!).  I felt inspired to do his detention for him, not having any idea of how that would impact him, but hoping he would somehow be touched by my willingness to love him in this way.  I still don’t know what effect it had, but that is in God’s hands.

In his book Dust on the Road, Nikiforov-Volgin, a…

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