True Christian Love (2)

Still reblogging from Wonder and Beauty.

Wonder and Beauty

Continuing from Richard Wurmbrand.  (This kind of beauty makes me weep.)

In Romania’s Jilava prison, several prisoners were placed in a cell naked without beds, without blankets and without a barrel to serve as a lavatory.  They were never allowed to leave their cell to fulfill their bodily needs.  Imagine passing the night, completely naked, in such a stinking cell.

One of the prisoners was sick with pulmonary tuberculosis.  Late one night, he could not bear to stand on his feet any longer.  He fell and would have frozen to death on the cold concrete had not the Christian Mircea Vulcanescu stretched himself out on the concrete so the sick man could seat himself on his body and have the protection of his body’s warmth.

Vulcanescu remained stretched out naked on the concrete while the sick man slept for a few hours.  He too fell asleep.  When they awoke, Vulcanescu…

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