A heartfelt sigh to God

And what about those times when you feel like you’re just not making a good confession?

No matter how weak you are, do not think that what you need to do in order to enjoy his redemption is impossible or so difficult that you have to despair of obtaining it.  It is enough for you to direct a heartfelt sigh to God, with sorrow for having offended such a Father and with the intention of amendment.  Make known your sins to a priest who can absolve you.  For your greater consolation, even your ears of flesh will hear the sentence of your trial in what is said to you: “I absolve you from all your sins in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Even if it seems to you that your sorrow is not as perfect as it ought to be, and for this reason you lose heart, do not be discouraged.  So great are the Lord’s desires you be saved that he supplies what we lack with the privilege he gave to his sacrament of making one who is without sorrow to be contrite.  If it seems to one that you are not even capable of doing this little bit, I tell you not to presume to do it on your own, but call upon the heavenly Father.  Ask him, through Jesus Christ, his Son, to help you to be sorry for your past life, to propose amendment for the future, to confess well, and finally, for whatever else may be necessary.  He is such that there is no reason to expect from his hands anything other than every kind of tenderness and help.  Since he is the one who gives pardon, he inspires disposition for it.

If, with all this, you do not feel consolation, even though you have heard the sentence of your absolution, do not be discouraged or abandon what you have begun.  If in one confession you do not experience consolation, in another or in others you will . . . . Certainly it happens that the words of sacramental absolution may not give the man such certainty of pardon that he may have security or evidence of it.  But they do provide such rest and consolation that the powers of his soul, humiliated and broken by sin, rejoice.  (St. John of Avila)

One thought on “A heartfelt sigh to God

  1. This is perfect to share on our Parish website and Facebook page as we enter into all day Confessions in every Parish in our Diocese next Wednesday, March 9th!

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